When a group of people, in a conscious and intentional way, consider living and/or working together, possibilities and challenges open up to which they will be responding on both levels: the individual and the group. The process of creating community supposes the development of various skills belonging to the individual. Each person arrives to the community in their own time and from her/his own background.

Every individual brings knowledge and talents and also internal conflicts, the resonance of past experiences, resolved or -not, beliefs and culture.

Where we come from as individuals has a direct impact on the community and forms an integral part of it, that which nourishes, as well as the difficulties that will be created along the way. That is part of the richness of living and working together, and is the engine of internal growth process that everyone will live through. Transparency about our experiences, sharing them with the group at times designated for this, is part of the process of building community.

Living and/or working in community invites to be aware of personal needs, and to moderate them with the needs of the group, project, and the world. This is a permanent process that challenges us to unlearn schemes of social patterns and this is part of the journey for everyone... a beautiful adventure!

Passing from a culture of competitiveness giving a sense of scarcity and hence to a culture of sharing based on abundance; understanding caring for each one´s own needs and other persons ‘needs as part of the same thing.

It is vital to look at the Attitudes and Skills that are needed in the process and can be seen as the heart of personal growth.

Getting involved in a community will definitely pose a lot of personal challenges to every individual involved. But these challenges include a huge potential for personal development - if this potential is used, the adventure to build a community can be very rewarding.