GEN-Europe is the European branch of the Global Eco-village Network (GEN), a network of grassroots initiatives and civil society organisations that was founded in 1995 with the purpose to support community projects that make an active contribution to environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources through an ecological way of living. The GEN Europe has two offices: one in Bad Belzig, Germany and one in Arteida Spain, so it can better support it's numerous members, ecovillages from different European countries.

Stichting EcodorpenNetwerk)

The Dutch ecovillage network (ecodorpen netwerk/GEN-NL) is active since 2013 and established as a foundation in 2015. In the network 35-40 community initiatives and ecovillages in the Netherlands are actively involved. The aims of the network include support of existing and emerging initiatives, lobby, research, education, information and networking.
Ecovillages are communities where the villagers live sustainably with a low ecological footprint.
Houses are built from natural recyclable materials and produce and use sustainable energy and food. The communities develop new ways of living together in harmony with each other and the environment.

Red Iberica de Ecoaldeas

The Iberian Ecovillages Network (RIE) is among the oldest networks of ecological community projects in Europe.This year is the 20th anniversary. Currently the association has 45 members ( organizations) in Spain, mostly consisting of ecovillages, intentional
communities and sustainable settlements. The network includes green businesses and related networks. RIE has been active in the field of adult and youth education for twenty years. It has developed its own trainings, workshops and courses and has organized educational activities around the issues of ecology, permaculture, adequate technologies, community building, conflict management, collaborative leadership, gender equality, social economy and so on. Besides it has organized conferences, exhibitions and meetings on these themes on a regular base.


MiMundo was established in 2012 as a response to the need for further educational opportunities in the ecovillage settings in Denmark, creating a platform for learning about sustainability, as part of a growing learning center in the ecovillage Hallingelille, where it is based.

Rete italiana villaggi ecologici - RIVE

Rete Italiana Villaggi ecologici – RIVE (Italian ecovillage network), founded in 1996, is the umbrella organisation for ecovillages, intentional communities and several Italian transition projects and associations. Since its conception RIVE promoted and developed cooperation among its members and it encouraged and supported successful transition projects.

Društvo Sončni Grič

Sunny Hill Association for sustainable culture of living is a space of cooperation and innovation. It provides a supportive environment for research, education and practical experience of sustainable living. 200 years old traditional building where the association has its headquarters was fully renovated in 2016 and exhibits sustainable solutions such as dry toilets, reedbeds for wastewater treatment and clay plasters. We live and work together in luxurious simplicity following four guidelines: agreement of people, harmony of space, resonance of life, and joy of co-existence. As for agreement of people we practice horizontal governance. As for harmony of space we pay attention to how our actions influence the environment. As for resonance of life we honor all forms of life. As for joy of co-existence we acknowledge that together we can do more and celebrate our achievements.

Asociatia Romania in Tranzitie

Asociatia România în Tranzitie ( ART) is a NGO established in 2009, within the Transition Town Movement with a clear objective to serve as an instrument to the romanian grass-root emergent movement and to promote community oriented projects focused on the sustainable development.

Felkelo Nap Kozhasznu Egyesulet

The NGO is supporting the cultural activities and social work of a rural intentional community. At the moment the community have 17 adult members 5 supportive members and 8 children.
Their plan and course of action is to support the emergence of a mindset of environmental care, spread the idea self sustainable living spaces, and sustainable enterprises in the community and in the locality. To share their experiences they carry out ecological, artisan and community building trainings in region.

Ekobyarnas riksorganisation

ERO exists to:
• Strengthen and promote ecological living and sustainable communities in both rural and urban areas
• Be a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about possibilities, challenges and solutions in the area of ecological living and sustainable communities
• Strengthen people’s skills and possibilities in adopting sustainable ways of life in community
• Advocate for ecological living and sustainable community lifestyles through connection with social institutions, private enterprise, other networks and the media.

Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys ry

Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys ry (Assosiation of Kurjen Tila 'Crane Farm' Eco-village) was founded in 2012 to vivify the countryside and life in the eco-village as well as to start Youthmobility projects. The association is a non-profit and non-governmental organisation situated in a rural area of Vesilahti in Pirkanmaa region. Its main objectives are to promote holistic ecological lifestyle, global and local sustainable development, encourage communality and social well-being.