Dragon Dreaming

Author of the method: John Croft

dragon-dreamingDragon Dreaming is an approach to design projects that are in service of the Earth, in service for the Community and in service for Personal Growth.
Dragon Dreaming points out that every successful project goes through 4 important stages: The Dreaming Stage, the Planning Stage, the Doing Stage and the Celebration Stage.
Each stage is as important as the other. We should dedicate ¼ of our ressources to every one of these stages.

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World Cafe

Author of abstract: Eva Stützel
world-cafeAn interesting method for groups of more than 20 people to explore a topic from different perspectives in small groups.
Discussions happen on several tables – each table has a different question related to the issue of the meeting – and are documented on the paper table cloth. After a time, people change tables and discuss on another table a related question.
There is one host for each table that doesn’t change tables. The host reports at the end what has been discussed.
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