What is a ZIP file and why are they used?

It has file sizes ranging from 1GB to 16GB. The format does not keep track of system permissions. You can choose from a variety of compression methods if you choose a compression level.

  • It can also be encrypted with a password to protect important files.
  • Be aware that your return must be filed/e-filed within three years of the original due date.
  • You can add up to 10 video files at a time.
  • There’s usually a limit to how small a particular compression method can make a zip file.
  • Follow the steps at Compress your media files.

If, for some reason, you NEED to use a .zip extension, and you NEED file encryption, you’ll just have to settle for non-encrypted filenames. Encrypting file names – Sometimes file names can be just as important as the contents inside of a file. If you need to encrypt your file names, so it’s impossible for someone to see what kind of files are in your archive, you will need to use the 7z file extension instead of zip. This is where the definition of a zip file ends for most people.

After you zip this photo it now read vacation.zip and have a new icon. The smaller file size of e-mail messages that you want to keep is useful when your mailbox has a space limit. The USB-C Hub 4K 60 Hz is a great way to make your life easier. This hub has four ports that can each accommodate a USB 3.0 or 2.0 device, so you can easily connect your devices.

What app can i use to unzip files?

Here’s our step by step guide on how to open RAR files on Mac with Cisdem Unarchiver, you can open RAR files and decompress the files you want with 3 steps. Your RAR file should display The Unarchiver icon. If it doesn’t, right click on the file, choose Open With, and select The Unarchiver. The RAR file format is also sometimes used for sensitive files, since it can be password protected. Use a full-featured RAR extractor for Mac that executes the archiving tasks quickly and gives you many more archiving options overall. Whether you choose Archiver or BetterZip, how to open RAR files on Mac, or in fact any files, won’t be a problem anymore.


The compression used when creating PNG results in no loss in quality, so the image can be saved, edited, and opened again and again without degrading over time. It also means that you lose that data forever when the file is saved, so you can’t restore a JPG to its original quality. If you’re designing a website, for example, utilizing JPG images will get you faster page load times and provide a better user experience because the files are smaller. There’s also PDF and TIFF, which is in another class from these usual image formats, but can still perform a few similar functions. With so many image formats, how do you know the difference between PNG vs. JPG vs. PDF ? Shutterstock is a leading global creative platform offering full-service solutions, high-quality content, and applications for brands, TAX2015 businesses and media companies. The first option is on the Home menu of the Report view.

Apart from data security this technology also has a couple of very practical uses. Right-click on the folder you want to open. From the dropdown, you’ll see the option ‘Open with WinZip.’ Click on it to open the document. If you’re experiencing water pressure issues or have any questions concerning the matter, call 311 or email How can you tell if your water provider is part of the boil water notice for City of Houston customers? Check the following list for more guidance. This is the command version of the tool we looked at above.