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    Getting inner images/insights from your soul/unconscious about certain topics – for example about your vision, your relationship to your land and/or your community-members

  • “Actively” used it is a tool to work on inner conflicts (in yourself or in your group) and get insights about possible solutions
  • The new and creative insights can also create deep emotions – they show how you really feel about the certain topics (vision, land, group members etc.)  
  • Bringing awareness and transparency in the group about your real wishes, needs and relationships – and if you use it as an “active” tool you can use it for transformation  


Active Imagination“ (AI) is a technique wherein the contents of one’s unconscious are translated into inner images. AI is a method for visualizing unconscious issues by letting them act themselves out. While the Imagination (I) is passive by following the coach’s words, AI goes beyond that. The active intervention in the Imagination makes it possible to interact with the unconscious. During the AI you are the Creator. AI here will be used to get more insights into your real dreams, desires, visions from your unconscious, and to work actively with these images. I /AI is learnable. It`s advisable to use as many senses as possible during the trip, so the images become deeper and clearer.  

Requirements:  If you are trained in doing relaxation and dream journeys it easy to learn to guide an Active Imagination. You should be able to deal with strong emotions (of the participants). It is advisable to prepare the journey very well – exploring themes you are interested in getting more insights. As participant you should know that I can be a exercise path – for some it`s easy to see inner images, for some it takes a while.  


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