Dragon Dreaming

    Throughout the Global Ecovillage Network, many people use Dragon Dreaming. At every annual GEN gathering, Dragon Dreaming workshops will be held. It is a widely used and cherished tool and it has become part of our sources.

    Process Work

    Process Work and Deep Democracy are terms often used or heard in ecovillage environments. Therefore, these schools of thought and practice have been included as sources in CLIPS, to better understand the terms and the inspiration they give us.

    The Forum – Truth, Trust & Transformation

    The ZEGG-Forum is a facilitated process to create transparency and trust, as it helps to unfold the potential of individuals and groups. It has been developed in the communities of the Project Meiga (Tamera, Portugal and ZEGG, Germany).

    Community Compass

    The Community Compass has been developed by one of the members of the CLIPS Community. It has inspired the development of the CLIPS-model and the CLIPS-model has inspired the further development of the Community Compass.


    Facilitation is the basic skill required to qualify as a CLIPS trainer and – naturally – facilitator, and the most recommended background for anyone who wishes to offer consulting and supervision to group processes of any kind

    Permaculture design and Social Permaculture

    The application of Social Permaculture to the CLIPS model opens new perspectives and relates group processes to natural processes in the belief that “Nature is the Master”, a core value integrated in the Ecovillage movement.