Structure Layer Methods

    Organisational Triangle

    The organizational triangle can be used in many ways and for many different scopes. Here it is proposed as a tool to check the status of the project at a certain time. It is a sociometric method and it can be used as a tool for feedback, as an inquiry tool, and above all for learning about the interaction of different elements and processes in a collective project.

    Consent – Decision Making Method

    Consent is an agile , efficient decision-making method. It brings a different way of relating to the proposals which are in the center to be decided upon, highlighting the importance of collective intelligence.

    Peer Coaching with CLIPS

    The term 'Collegial Coaching' is widely used in social enterprises to target issues of importance to one person for which this person seeks advice from their peers. The method has been adapted in a way that while coaching, the CLIPS model. is brought in as a reference. It could be typically applied at the end of an introduction to the CLIPS-model,and can be used with any audience that is familiar with the CLIPS model.

    Skills and Dreams

    A method to create working groups, know each other better, create synergy and evaluate the real strength of a group in the present time. A visual representation of human resources that stretches into the future.


    Sociometry is often used in decision-making to get a clear picture of the current situation of the individuals within the community. It can support the decision-making process and is thus seen as part of the structure layer. Instead of giving a vote that consists of "Yes" or "No", people signalize their position through a position in the room....

    CLIPS Onion

    This method aims at supporting groups to develop a meta-perspective about their group from a CLIPS perspective. A typical example of the use of this method is the first day of a community meeting, dedicated to gain a deeper understanding of the issues of the community and at the same time understanding the importance of all 5 CLIPS layers.

    Permaculture & CLIPS Orientation Table

    A method to help groups orient their actions and understand their best strengths and weaknesses using Permaculture Principles in relation to the CLIPS model. Although it cuts across all layers, it is especially related to Community and Structure. The Social Permaculture & CLIPS Method is formed by parts 1 & 2, so the Orientation Table (Part 1) should be consulted and applied before the Assessment tool (Part 1).

    Creating the Roadmap

    An effective method to create a detailed plan of action for the group’s future. Helping the group to create its own, unique and precious road map is a service of high value, and a solid ground for the group to start working again after a time of crisis.