sociocracic-decision-makingSOCIOCRATIC DECISION MAKING

Author of abstract: Monica Petter

A group of people make effective, transparent governance and decision-making using sociocractic tools like Format of a Sociocratic Circle Meeting, Template for Sociocratic Elections, Template for making policy decisions by consent.

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Work in groups of 5-6 people.

The group is the owner of an allotment which is organized as a sociocratic foundation.



Together you are managing all the tasks in the allotment. On the allotment there are  few big tasks:

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      Take care of the composting process

  •   Look after the sheep’s
  •   Look after the birdpark
  •   Take care of the food garden for sharing food for people with less income
  •   Look after the butterfly park
  •   Take care of the management of the allotments

a) Divide the tasks

b) Once in a while the group members are changing tasks. This time the group likes to look for another person for the food production of the sharing gardens. Choose the best person for this task by using the format of a sociocratic election.



Organize a circle meeting with the members of the top circle. Choose what you like to discuss with each other today.  The time of your meeting is 15 minutes.



Your foundation have gotten 500 euro. Discuss with each other what you like to do with the money and choose what to do using the template for making policy decisions by consent