These are the terms of use of the Global Ecovillage of Europe (“GEN Europe”) for the GEN Europe database, which includes the websites “” “” “RIE …”  (Hereinafter referred to as “Websites”) and to you as a reader and/or author of the contents of the database (hereinafter “Users”).

§ 1 – Content of the online offer (1) GEN Europe provides users on the websites, in particular, with a portal on which joint sustainable projects and an ecological description (“projects”) as well as projects published by other users and their descriptions are displayed. An essential part of the platform is an interactive map and a calendar of events, in which the users can register events on sustainability topics, as well as the section “Trainers”, in which trainers for sustainability topics can publish a brief description of themselves. (2) The notification of a project consists of general information about the object (name, address, image, etc.) (hereinafter “basic data”). (3) Use of the website is free of charge.

§ 2 – Use of the online offer (1) The use of the website requires a prior registration by the users, if these want to set their own content. (2) A user name and password must be selected for registration. Users who violate the rights of use of third parties, in particular trademark rights or proprietary rights, are prohibited. In addition, illegal users or users who violate good manners are also prohibited. The user name is visible to all other users All further information and personal data are only visible to the public if they are approved by the users or the user makes them into voluntary, publicly identified information. (3) The use of the website as author in set texts and / or pictures is permitted to minors and other persons who are not or only limited to business with the consent of the legal representatives. (4) For the notification of a project, an event or a trainer, the user will be an input form for a uniform formatting of the message, the content and scope of the individual report shall be at the discretion of the user.

(5) The basic data for the notification of a project, event or trainer and other contents are defined by the user’s own data.

(6) The basic data of the notification of a project, event or trainer and the other contents are publicly visible to all users.

(7) The administrators have the possibility to edit, modify or correct the basic data and other content. They will use this feature to complete or correct information, or to merge messages from a project, event, or trainer, if they are duplicated in the system.

§ 3 – Rights and obligations of the users 

(1) The website may only be used for legally permitted purposes each.

(2) It is permissible to download the existing content for private, internal purposes. A commercial transfer of the contents to third parties requires the prior consent of GEN Europe.

(3) The website may not be used to spread defamatory, pornographic or otherwise unlawful material, threaten, harass or harm the rights (including the personality rights) of third parties.

(4) If users enter data that contains names, addresses and information from third parties, which may not be publicly accessible and where a third party ‘s legitimate interest in the secrecy of their personal data might exist, To publish on the website the permission of the third party to publish on the website and to use it on the uses defined by these terms. For the rest, reference is expressly made to the further provisions in § 3, 4 and 5.

(5) It is, in particular, forbidden to publish pictures, contributions or other contents of the following kind on the website:

Content which may infringe the rights of third parties, in particular their copyright, right of performance, name and trademark, registered design right or right of design right, right of ownership and personality right; Pornographic, obscene, sexist, defamatory, defamatory, racist, minority or religiously violent representations; Content which violates the legal system Discrimination, defamation or insult; Untrue allegations; Disgrace, reputation, speculation or slander; Depreciation of the author or the person pictured, boycott calls or deletion requests of any kind, as well as links on websites with illegal contents.

(6) When entering data on a place, the users also undertake to be as precise as possible with respect to the facts, such as the name and position, not to make any content intentionally or negligently untrue to make false or improper assessments. As well as negative contributions within the framework of freedom of expression, only for the purpose of giving other users an opportunity to make a more meaningful / more objective / comprehensive picture of a place and related circumstances. The same applies to the uploading of pictures, not to publish any personal data of third parties.

(7) In the event that users violate the above assurances (§ 3 para. 1 to 6), the user will indemnify the user (s) in GEN Europe from all claims, including the costs of the defence.

§ 4 – Handling of discontinued content and information

(1) Notifications from a project, events or coaches, photos and other information and content available on the website are mainly provided by users. It must be borne in mind that a contribution merely reflects the opinion and the knowledge of the relevant users.

(2) Any attempt to disrupt the correct functioning of the website is prohibited

(3) If a user infringes the conditions for setting content / texts / images, GEN Europe is entitled to amend content without notifying the user or the user, in particular without giving reasons Or remove. Unlawful contributions will be deleted immediately after notice. In special cases, the participation of users in or the user may be completely excluded, the data entered and the account deleted.

(4) The administrators have the possibility to edit reports of a project, events or trainers and other contributions (photos, comments). They will use this feature to complete or correct information, or to merge places when they are duplicated in the system.

(5) There is in principle no claim to publication of content.

§ 5 – Rights of use

(1) Through the uploading and providing of texts / photos / contents by the users  these GEN Europe and the other users  grant a free, non – exclusive, transferable, temporally and locally unrestricted license to use the contents uploaded by them Present or future products or services of this website. In particular, the users allow the right to reproduce the images and to make them public on the website accessible. This includes the reproduction, distribution and transmission right as well as the right to public reproduction, the right to public access, the right to broadcast and the right to reproduce by means of picture and phonograms, as well as the right to reproduce as a printing work.

(2) The license includes the authorization of GEN Europe to alter or alter the contents, as far as this is to supplement, correct and transfer to another format. The users agree that their pictures and texts can be copied for a better overview and the images can be compressed. The users agree that their other contents may be edited or deleted by GEN Europe to a certain extent, while respecting the copyright law, or translated into other languages. The users  agree that GEN Europe uses only their users’ names for the identification of texts / photos / content of the users. The user  does not waive any further mention of the natural name.

(3) The use by other users  is limited to private purposes. It is permissible to download and print the messages of a project, event or trainer. Any further use is subject to the consent of GENEurope and the users whose contents are to be used.

4) The users  hereby expressly declare that they have all the necessary rights for the content set or have obtained them. This applies in particular to copyrights in the photos and texts, industrial property rights and personality rights of persons depicted. Insofar as the users use data and images for their notification of a project, events or trainer, which they have not created completely by themselves, but which have been obtained from third parties or removed from third parties, with these third parties before setting on this website, To post and publish this data on the website. You agree that you have obtained all necessary legal transfers, licenses, permits, permits and the like. In the event that Users violate these commitments, they indemnify GEN Europe from all claims, including the costs of legal defense.

(5) Users assure that they will not grant or grant to third parties any rights in images that might conflict with this Agreement.

(6) Model Release: To the extent that the uploaded images contain representations of persons or groups of persons, the users assure that they have obtained an effective and legally binding release declaration from all recognizable persons with regard to the use of the image. This declaration of release must allow the use of the representation on the picture at least to the extent, as it is contained in the license agreement described and granted here.

(7) Property Release: To the extent that the uploaded images contain representations of third-party property (in particular interior views), the users ensure that they obtain an effective and legally binding clearance declaration as far as necessary from the respective authorized person to have. This declaration of release must allow the use of the representation on the picture at least to the extent, as it is contained in the license agreement described and granted here.

(8) In the event that the users violate the above assurances (§ 5 paragraphs 6 to 7), they release GEN Europe from all claims, including the costs of the defense.

§ 6 – Liability

(1) GEN Europe assumes no liability for the completeness, actuality, correctness or other quality of the information provided. GEN Europe provides this information only as information for users.

(2) Users must expect this information to change at any time. This is especially true for reporting a project, event or trainer. As a result, the users should be convinced of the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the information, as far as this is possible.

(3) It should also be noted that the publication of the contents of users on the website does not constitute any statement or opinion, assessment or recommendation of GEN Europe. This is the result of this publication by GEN Europe. Or the retrieval of such and other content by the user does not provide any information and / or advice. The users agree to use these contents at their own risk.

(4) GEN Europe assumes no liability for the uninterrupted availability of content / data and information. GEN Europe reserves the right to block, modify, supplement, delete or postpone the publication temporarily or permanently, as well as to terminate the cooperation with partner websites. 

(5) GEN-Europes pre-contractual, contractual and non-contractual liability is limited to intent and gross negligence as well as to the violation of essential contractual obligations. The limitation of liability also applies to fulfillment allowances.

(6) The above limitations or exclusions of liability do not apply in case of culpable injury to life, body and health and for liability claims according to the Product Liability Act.

§ 7 – Identification and Copyright

(1) No rights are granted regarding the data and content to the users of GEN Europe through the utilization rights contained in § 3 and 4.

(2) The contents published on the websites for which these terms of use are valid are legally protected. Full or partial duplication, exploitation without prior written consent GEN Europes or the registered user is not permitted, as long as it is not a copy of contents exclusively for the personal or non-commercial use.

(3) The content / data (eg information, reports, pictures, illustrations) published on the website are legally protected. Any reproduction, dissemination and other commercial exploitation, reproduction, alteration and / or deletion is prohibited. This also includes the integration and presentation of content / data on external websites through interlinks, weblinks, deep links or frames.

(4) The consent to use / use on the part of GEN Europe itself created / combined contents / data can be obtained at GEN Europe.

(5) The pictures and contributions available on the website constitute a copyrighted database in total. It is forbidden to use this database or any essential parts without the consent of GEN Europes and outside the permitted use of the website as described here in its structure, or only partially to accept or edit.

§ 8 – Exemption

(1) Users indemnify GEN Europe from all claims made by third parties against third parties on the basis of the contents entered by users and / or non-contractual, abusive and / or unlawful use of the website, in particular with regard to infringements of copyright, personality rights , Proprietary rights or industrial property rights of third parties, in particular the costs of legal defense. The users support GEN Europe in the defense of such claims, in particular they provide all the information necessary for the defense.

(2) Users are obliged to compensate for the damage caused to GEN Europe by reason of the third party’s claim. This entitlement to damages also includes GEN Europe. Costs incurred by their own legal defence.

§ 9 – Data Protection

(1) GEN Europe allows anonymous use of the website without user account. In this case, only statistics such as IP address and time of access are stored.

(2) Any further, in particular personal, data for an account are communicated by users, in particular the e-mail address, but the use of an account without this information is not possible.

(3) In addition, all data collected and collected in the framework of this project are processed in accordance with the applicable data protection regulations. A transfer to a third party does not take place, unless this is explicitly listed in these terms of use or on the website.

(4) Users agree to the publication of the self-chosen user name on each of the information they enter. Any further data (in particular the e-mail address) will not be published without the consent of the users.

(5) GEN Europe uses third party servers and services to deliver service elements (domainfactory, mapbox, OpenStreetMap) that are published on the websites. External websites, which are integrated via frames, may also set cookies. Cookies are stored on the computer of the user. Cookies are files that are placed on the user’s hard disk by a website in order to automatically recognize this computer at the next site visit. With the help of cookies, the communication between the servers used by the database and the user’s computer can be improved, making the use of the website more comfortable and user-friendly.

(6) GEN Europe will provide the user with written information on his / her stored personal data.

§ 10 – Modification of the Terms of Use

(1) These general conditions of use for the use of the website apply to all users who have registered as of June 15, 2016 and / or use the services of the website or, if they have already registered at an earlier date, from the time when they registered.

(2) In addition, GEN Europe reserves the right to amend / supplement these conditions with effect for the future without the obligation to notify the users. The current version is available on the websites from the time of the application. With the further use of the websites, the users  agree to the changes. It is recommended to regularly check the conditions of use for changes.

§ 11 – Final Provisions

(1) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall apply, insofar as no international mandatory legal provisions, international conventions and, in particular, internationally compulsory consumer protection regulations are contrary.

(2) jurisdiction for merchants, for users who do not have a general jurisdiction in Germany, and for users who have moved their domicile or habitual residence abroad or whose domicile or habitual residence is not known at the time the appeal is brought, As well as for passive processes, is the seat GEN Europes in Bad Belzig. This does not apply if International conventions or consumer protection regulations.

(3) The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies to all legal relations of the parties. In the case of consumers, this choice is valid only in so far as the protection afforded by mandatory provisions of the law of the country in which the consumer is habitually resident is not withdrawn.

(4) In the event that one or more provisions of these Terms of Use are or become partially or completely invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.