Description of the exercise:


Roles: me, the other, observer/coach.

∙    Think of a real conflict or difficulty that you have right now with someone.

∙    Describe it. Show both sides.

∙    Coach your partner, so they can play the opponent.

∙    Take your own side strongly.

∙    Notice when you feel uncomfortable in your own position.

∙    Go onto the other side.

∙    Go back to the original position and notice if anything has changed,

∙    Or continue until the conflict disappears, or until they’re in a win/win situation.


Unpack this, paying attention to the idea of temporary resolution.

We are constantly flowing between different positions our own and the one of the other side, we just need to see it.

Often it is our attachment to the idea that we are in a conflict that stops us noticing temporary resolution.