An important aspect for living organisms is to integrate feedback. Feedback provides us with the opportunity to reflect what we have been doing, to adapt to our environment, and to learn.

In sociocracy, establishing feedback-loops is an integral part of any sociocratic organisational design. Every proposal includes a commitment for feedback: “When will we check if the intended consequences were reached by the decision, and when will we tweak it as needed?” However, we do not need to apply sociocracy for integrating feedback. Feedback can be at many different levels:

  • On a personal level: To consciously create spaces in which we give each other feedback about how we are perceived by the others.
  • On a role level: It is a very good idea to give each other feedback on how the roles assumed for the group project are developed . This usually only happens if something is running really poorly or extremely well. However, the most learning potential is in everything between – where we usually would not take the time to give feedback
  • With decisions: One definite way of improving project governance is to check, after a certain time period, if decisions had their intended consequences
  • For services: Customer feedback gives the chance to improve one’s services.