Fredjan Twigt

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Fredjan studied architecture and graduated on affordable passive solar houses. After graduation he worked for seven years in Africa for the UN in rural development projects. He was highly motivated by social richness of the rural communities. After this period he did several projects all over the world on appropiate technology. Sailing and cycling are his passion and he developed a sailing bicycle. He got interested in the ecovilage movement and initiated Ecodorp Bergen in 2010 resulting in the first full member of GEN ecovilage in the Netherlands. He got interested in decision making after realising this is a critical subject in making communities succesfull. He attended a 4 year training at the center for soiocracy in the Netherlands and he started to develop his own training methods for communities using less theory and more physicall excercises to really understand soiocracy. He introduced sociocracy in his own community and he gave workshops in communties all over Europe. He was also involved in initiating the Dutch national ecovilage network, Gen nl. In 2017 he attended the Clips training for trainers in Germany.