Kariin Ottmar

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Kariin Ottmar is a graduated Psychologist, graduated Art-Therapist, communication trainer and Coach. Sustainability in its four dimensions – ecology, economy, social, culture – as a holistic approach and lived experience – making the change you want to see in the world – is one of her main topics she dedicates her life. Living as sustainable as possible in Berlin she realized to live more sustainable and make also a political statement the next logical step is to live in an eco-village and be part of this beautiful movement co-creating a new model of a real sustainable life. 2005, after visiting different ecovillages and following the leadings of her heart, she moved together with her son, to the ecovillage Sieben Linden in eastern germany. In Sieben Linden she worked in the educational center and as freelancer as trainer, facilitator and coach with groups and individuals. Using her various educations she created her own courses and workshops in the field of community building, personal growth, work-life-balance, sustainability and is part of the Handin-Hand-Community-Consultant team (www.gemeinschaftsberatung.de) and the trainer network BEIDES (www.beides.org) and ABF (work, education,research) (www.abfev.de). She is co-founder of the german national GEN network GEN germany (www.gendeutschland.de) and was working for GEN Europe the last years as project manager (“Models of lived sustainability” (2013-15) and „Urban Resilience” (2015/16) and as researcher in the project „Social Innovations“ . She is part of the CLIPS-team for GEN Europe from the beginning in 2015. Since 2017 she made her passion – guiding groups through her processes – to her main task and started her own business as community-consultant, mediator and supervisor for community-led sustainable projects. Her special focus is leading and supporting groups and group members through her personaland community-building processes and vision journey with a lot of different and creative tools and holistic approach, process- and clientoriented, mindful and working with energies and using the CLIPS as a great framework.