Manja Vrenko

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Born in 1967, I lived a life full of changes in different places and serving on various positions. Among other  I have been the tourist guide and tour  operator, organised event’s and courses on personal growth. 

In 2010 I completed the Gaia Education Design for Sustainability course, that have changed my professional path from personal growth to social and environmental activism. In 2011 I did the Permaculture course and in 2013 also tutorship for Permaculture teachers. I am active in the Slovene Permaculture Association, Transition hub Slovenia and Slovene ecovillage network.
I live in Slovenia in the rural area near Koper in a sustainable center that we’ve established with a group of friends in 2014. We live together, experimenting with a life style called luxurious simplicity. We produce majority of our vegetables on our permaculture gardens. The place is an example of good practice for sustainable solutions  and often visited by groups. In the center we organize courses and events connected to sustainability and personal growth. We also offer a place for groups that need facilitated events and meetings. I am a facilitator of Dragon Dreaming and Transition Network trainer. By participating in CLIPS program I expanded my facilitator’s skills and am available to any group for advice and support. Beside Slovenian I speak Croatian, English and Italian languages.