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Lucilla Borio

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Founding member and resident of Ecovillage Torri Superiore (Ventimiglia), that since 1989 has transformed the beautiful abandoned medieval village into the home of an intentional community, a training and research center, and an eco-guesthouse. In 1999/2004 Lucilla has served as the GEN-Europe secretary and CEO (www.gen-europe.org) with mandate for Middle East and Africa, as GEN-International Chairperson and as UN delegate. Since 2001 she studies and applies meeting facilitation, decision making methods and  management of consensus-oriented groups. She has been trained by Beatrice Briggs of IIFAC (International Institute for Facilitation and Change), and is the IIFAC representative in Italy. She speaks Italian and English fluently; understands French and has some knowledge of Russian.