Roos Kanis

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Roos took part in a peace circus traveling through war zones in the middle east. This experience was life changing for her. She experienced what positive attitude can do to make the change in very difficult and aggressive environments. This experience she took back to the Netherlands and she studied natural healing and medicine. She started a practice for children, adults and groups. From that experience she successfully developed her own healing practice more and more based on energetic psychology. She also works with horses to give training in (inner) leadership. Her love for theater and music always remained and she performed in her own happy heart theater for children and families. She uses the mix of theater, music and inner process work in her workshops in schools and other groups. For the element of playfulness and joy are important elements in a process for growing. She is active in ecodorp Bergen, interested in social processes, conflict resolution, group dynamics, social permaculture, healing of traumaʼs, rituals, group building. In 2017 she attended the Clips training for trainers in Germany.