Best use: To create trust and transparency about emotional issues in a group

Source: ZEGG 


The Forum is a method of deep sharing developed by a family of community projects that came out of “project Meiga”, the ZEGG, Tamera and other smaller communities. It is a method of deep sharing in a group that creates trust and mutual understanding.


ZEGG-FORUM is a ritualized form of transparent communication for larger groups. One person, “the presenter” steps into the middle of the circle of the group and starts to express herself. It is like an existential stage, which includes the whole person with his/her physical and verbal expressions, his mind, his creativity and his feelings.

It is much more than a technique. ZEGG-Forum is a culture building process based on world views of high human and ethical values.It is held within the context of a cultural shift of paradigms. The perspective shifts from the paradigm of perceiving us as separate individuals with the consequence of a culture of wining and loosing to a paradigm of perceiving the flows, relationships and connections between everything. Latter will create a culture of "winning is happening", or "loosing is happening" if we keep polluting and destroying these connections.

Forum was developed in 1978 to make all processes within a group in a long-term social experiment transparent and understandable for all involved.


Requirements: It is required to have a trained facilitator for the Forum. There are trainings for this in Germany, Spain, Brasil.


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