Communication culture,  has to do with the spirit, flow, attitude of communication in everyday life and on meetings. Here a few key elements of communication structure are added, that help groups stay aligned and functional even in the face of difficulties.

A challenge of communication in a group is well-organised information access.
Minutes from meetings shall be public and easy to access. The group should be informed about topics that are covered on different meetings.

Both a blessing and a pitfall of digital information flow is that most communities these days rely on digital internal information flow. Sharing information via e-mail and online file storage services has become a prevalent practice in many groups. This should be alright as long as it does not exclude members who prefer not to use or own computers.

It should be noted that emotional clashes in the digital realm can destroy the project, therefore emotional issues are best dealt with face-to-face. It should be clear that digital media are only to be used to exchange information. Clear rules about e-communication can help with this.

The good-old cork pin–board or a simple notebook to share information are excellent tools to ensure information flow. The rule not to try to solve emotional issues through written communication applies to pin-boards as well! Everyone interested should be able to access all relevant information easily.